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With Gratitude - The Power Of Thank You Notes

With Gratitude - The Power Of Thank You Notes

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The power of a thank you note!

Jennifer Richwine has written thousands of thank you notes (and received her fair share) throughout the last 21 years of her professional carer. Of course, we all know we should send thank you notes for kindnesses rendered, but we often don't take the time. This book is not about adding guilt or undue burden to your already hectic lives. Instead, Jennifer shows you how to make writing them as effortless as possible. Thank you notes go beyond the gift or a thank you for good times, or maybe yours are business thank you notes, you need to make them all creative and meaningful. I love her book and found many of her quotes uplifting and her examples helpful. 

Because I sell almost all my greeting and thank you cards blank on the inside, I maybe appreciate some help to put pen to paper. I know do!

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