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Hester & Cook

Tapestry-Anniversary Collection Paper Placemats

Tapestry-Anniversary Collection Paper Placemats

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The Tapestry Placemat is part of the Hester and Cook Anniversary Collection. The Tapestry Placemat was originally printed on kraft paper as a double-sided placemat with silver ink on one side and gold ink.  While they still love the original design's beauty, they felt revamping this placemat in white ink on gray paper would be the perfect companion to all the recently added gray items.  Enjoy the Tapestry Paper Placemats Disposable classic elegance on its own or complement it with the gray or gold accent pieces.  As we all know that gray is the new black for 2021

Measure 18.5 x 12.5 x.25   -  24 sheets per package   

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