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A photo of the Grey Simona Pot with saucer planted with a vine plant in a green house with other plants.
A close up shot of the Simona pot and saucer. It is shown in the Rosa color.
A phot showing all the different sizes of the Simona  pot in the Rosa color.

Simona Pot " Le Patite Francaise" Indoor Outdoor Planter

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Simona is a romantic type of Parisian pot that we imagine has appeared in countless French homes since the peak of its popularity in the 1820s-1860s. The Bergs Potter presentation of the Simona pot style was first created in Paris’ Latin Quarter, but – alas! – the original artist’s name remains a mystery.

Years ago, Steffen Berg spotted a delightful pot in the middle of a flea market in Montmartre that inspired him to create the Simona Pot. Today we have it made by our Tuscan potters.

You will find the detail on the pot repeated on the edge of the saucer. The details on the Simona are what makes the set so unique.

Simona is one of my favorite styles, and I love the detail on the pot and the saucer, making it an eye-catching pot for any plant.

4.75” x 5” Grey only