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Magnolia & Pear Soap
Magnolia & Pear Soap

Magnolia & Pear Soap

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The Magnolia and Pear scent is best described as:
Invigorating a blend of crisp fruit and florals for a fresh feeling. Magnolias can smell like sweet candy, spicy verbena, tart lemon, citrus-honey, or dusty violets. ... It is one of the largest specimens with a moderately sweet scent.

The adjectives to describe the pear scent are fruity, melon, green cortex, melon rind, honeydew, cantaloupe, artichoke flavor. 

This exclusive range of soap bars is inspired by the plants' fragrance and beauty at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, in London. The soaps are all-natural, triple-milled, and gorgeously packaged as gifts. The natural perfume ingredients are obtained from the finest English perfumers.

These are Large 8.5oz bath size Bars .....and a remarkable value for a soap of this luxurious fine quality.

Add it's companion, Magnolia & Pear Hand Cream.

Made in the UK
• Vegan friendly
• Cruelty-free
• Plastic-free & fully recyclable packaging