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Lion Head Cement Pottery Planters In Three Sizes

Lion Head Cement Pottery Planters In Three Sizes

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🌿🦁 Discover the Majesty of Our Lion Head Cement Pottery Planters! 🦁🌿

Elevate your outdoor décor with our captivating Lion Head Cement Pottery Planters, available in three sizes: Medium, Large, and Tall. Each size offers unique charm and functionality, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your garden, patio, or porch.

Crafted from durable cement, these planters feature intricately embossed lion heads on two sides, adding a touch of regal elegance to any outdoor space. The majestic lion symbolizes strength and nobility, infusing your surroundings with grandeur and sophistication.

Our Medium Lion Head Cement Planter is perfect for smaller plants or floral arrangements, making it ideal for tabletops, balconies, or cozy corners. Its compact size allows for versatile placement options while still making a statement.

For those seeking a more substantial presence, our large Lion Head Cement Planter offers ample space for medium to large plants. It allows you to create lush garden displays or showcase statement foliage. Its generous size commands attention and is a stunning focal point in any setting.

Our Tall Lion Head Cement Planter stands tall and proud for the ultimate height and grandeur, making a bold statement wherever it's placed. Its towering stature makes it perfect for framing entrances, lining pathways, or anchoring outdoor living spaces with an air of majesty. 

Regardless of size, all our Lion Head Cement Planters are crafted to withstand the elements, ensuring durability and longevity season after season. Whether you choose the Medium, Large, or Tall option, you can trust that your plants will thrive in style.

Transform your outdoor oasis with the timeless beauty and strength of our Lion Head Cement Planters. Choose the size that suits your space, and let the spirit of the wild roar with splendor in your garden today!

🌿🦁 Experience the Majesty - Shop Our Lion Head Cement Planters Now! 🦁🌿

Medium: 7." dia x 5.25" H
Large:  8.25" dia x 5.75"H
Tall:  7.5" dia x 8.25"H

Medium: 3 lbs
Large:  4 lbs 
Tall:  4..75 lbs

No hole in the bottom

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