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Gold Foil Horseshoe - Luxury Stationery Paper

Gold Foil Horseshoe - Luxury Stationery Paper

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The embossed Gold Horseshoe is on a 9 x 4 x 1.75-inch pad. This pad is called the Buck. Providing 275 sheets of luxury stationery paper, and the opportunity for personal notes to be written to family and friends.

A touch of personalization makes this giftable stationery notepad a go-to for hosts, friends, or anyone who appreciates thick, high-quality paper with a classic finish. One notepad moves from jotting down lists to penning letters without missing a beat. The paper is Made in the USA and easily doubles as stationery—fold it to fit perfectly in a business envelope.

The paper feels thick and smooth, and it’s Made in the USA. A page from a dense notepad can pull double duty by letting you move between to-do lists and writing letters. Fold a heavyweight sheet to fit into a standard envelope, and—voila! It’s now fine stationery. The note cards come envelope-ready, and they, like a dense notepad, make for a perfect, ready-to-go gift—for teachers, hosts, or friends—that will be reached for time and time again. The high-quality notepads and cards from Black Ink showcase Maker Patti Black’s signature, classic style. 

Wonder what your stationery is saying about you? 

The Gold Horseshoe:   Lucky, powerful, strong, and fast.

9.25 x 4 x 1.75

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