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KEW Cotswold Long Tom Indoor Outdoor Planters - LARGE POT

KEW Cotswold Long Tom Indoor Outdoor Planters - LARGE POT

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Each hand-crafted pottery piece of the Botanical Collection is handmade; slight variations in their naturally aged products are commonplace. We consider these variations to be part of the charm and beauty of the product. This finely detailed, hand-crafted pottery is designed with the famous Kew - the Royal Botanical Gardens in London, England. Each pot bears the Royal Botanic Gardens' official seal on the surface. With the purchase of these beautiful pots, funds are contributed to the Gardens and their essential ongoing work. Use as indoor outdoor planters. They look gorgeous in all settings.

Measures: Large Pot - 9 x 9 x 10 inches 

Slight variations and imperfections are characteristic of the handmade nature of this product. Protect delicate surfaces; if filled with water, condensation may occur on the base.

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