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The Complete Hydrangeas Book

The Complete Hydrangeas Book

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Complete hydrangeas book 

Unlock the secrets of hydrangeas with the Complete Hydrangeas Book. Written with expertise by Glyn Church, this book contains all the information you need to choose, care for, and successfully maintain your hydrangeas. Get the most out of your plants with this essential guide.

"Hydrangeas have so many winning attributes; it's hard to imagine an easier group of plants to grow or any other flowering shrubs capable of providing vibrant color for so long a season."
-from the Introduction

The large number of hydrangea cultivars developed in recent years has done much to increase their popularity across North America. Gardeners in colder regions, who could not grow these brilliant bloomers, now have many choices. Today there are new super-hardy, dwarf, and compact varieties; new colors; and new forms of these satisfying plants.

Glyn Church celebrates these developments in this comprehensive guide. Illustrated with lush color photographs on every page, Complete Hydrangeas features:

  • More than 230 recommended clones, cultivars, and related plants
  • The latest developments in hybridization
  • Planting, pruning, pests, and propagation
  • Choosing the best plant for the location
  • Particular advice on growing red, pink, and blue blooms
  • Using hydrangeas in garden design
  • Companion plantings
  • Growing in containers
  • Caring for cut blooms and enjoying hydrangeas in the home.

The author's advice, guidance, and enthusiasm will have readers enjoying these show-stopping blooms in their own gardens.

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