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Chantecler - Inspired By French Pottery

Chantecler - Inspired By French Pottery

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They reign supreme. The French are famous for their discerning eye and flair for stylish living and gardening, and their influence knows no boundaries. The Anise French pottery lines are inspired by the classic terra-cotta flowerpots made throughout the regions, varying only in the local clay's color. Some have a patina that makes them look like they have stood in the garden since time immemorial. Each of the Anise lines is simple in shape and beautiful in its form. The Court Pendu, with its scalloped edge and eyelets, the Potier has that familiar look of the French pot belly.

In contrast, the Surrey has a scalloped tulip edge that is simple but unique, and the Orleans has an embossed border that makes it look more substantial.  Finally, I must not forget the Chantecler with its exaggerated ruffle and rope-trimmed bottom,  best known as the Pie Crust. They are all beautiful, adding a decorative look to your home or garden. They come in various colors from Grey Moss, Natural, and Verde Natural. Which one will you choose?⁠ 

Height x Diameter in inches:
Extra Large #10    Measurement  - 9.75" x 10"  
Large            #6     Measurement – 7.5" x 8.75"
Medium        #4     Measurement – 6.50" x 7.25"
Small             #2     Measurement – 4.75" x 5" 

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