Collection: KEW POTTERY

Authentic English terrace and garden pottery with the official seal of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.

Pottery designed with royalty in mind, the KEW pottery bears the official seal from London’s Royal Botanical Gardens. Artisans entirely handcraft each of these pots and age them with care resulting in a charming look of traditional old-world craftsmanship. I love the timelessness and authenticity of these pots. Offering many shapes, sizes, and colors, the handcrafted nature of these glazed pots provides an organic look and feel. As well as improving the air quality of your home, I believe that living plants improve the quality of our lives and beautiful pots and plants are a stylish way to transform the look and feel of your home.

What is the London’s Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew?

The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew is a world-leading scientific organization showcasing the most prominent living collections of plants and fungi in its 330- acre Garden just 30 minutes from central London. The Gardens were inscribed onto the World Heritage List in 2003, acknowledging its unique history, diverse historic landscape, rich architectural legacy, botanic collections, and position as one of the world’s leading botanic gardens for scientific research and education.

Founded by Princess Augusta in 1759, Kew’s influence in horticulture. Plant classification and economic botany spread internationally in the 1770s during a period of exploration by Britain’s early botanists collecting specimens around the work to keep them safe in one location.

Today the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew is recognized as a global center of excellence for studying plants and fungi – on unrivaled living and preserved plants and fungi.