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A copper roofed bird house in white.
A copper roofed bird house in the color peach.

White Airloom Copper Roof Bird House

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The White Airloom Copper Roof Bird House is professionally handmade with precision craftsmanship, providing superior quality for your feathered friends. This birdhouse offers the perfect nesting space, durable shelter, and protection from the elements. With its copper roof and timeless design, this unique heirloom birdhouse will surely last for generations.

The most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories,” said the great novelist William Faulkner. And with its sturdy heirloom quality in construction and invitingly nostalgic beadboard design, Airloom promises to provide a welcome home for your birds that will bring sweet music and memories for years to come. With artless design and effortless durability, Airloom is easily your family’s treasured heirloom. Hook on the back for hanging.

 Measurements:  15" x 8.5" x 6"
Hole size 1.2 inch 
Weight: 3 Pounds