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Food Serving Paper - Parchment Log Slice

Food Serving Paper - Parchment Log Slice

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Parchment Log Slices
Food Safe 

Indulge in the rustic charm of our Food Serving Paper in the "Parchment Log Slice" set, a collection of 20 meticulously designed parchment slices that bring the essence of natural wood into your creative projects. These log slices are a unique and versatile addition to your artistic endeavors, each one a testament to the beauty and authenticity of wood in its various forms. Each piece in this set is a tribute to the artistry of nature's design, showcasing the intricate grains, textures, and shapes found in real wood slices. The parchment log slices in this collection come in a range of sizes, offering versatility for a multitude of creative applications. Embracing the warmth and authenticity of real wood, this set of parchment log slices allows you to infuse the outdoors into your creative tablescapes.

Use the serving papers on platters or tables. Scatter, overlap, or use individually.

Package of 20 
Package is 8.50 x 7.75
Food Safe

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