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Food Serving Paper - Parchment Leaves, Fall

Food Serving Paper - Parchment Leaves, Fall

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Parchment Leaves, Fall Set
Food Safe

Embrace the enchanting spirit of autumn with our food serving paper the Parchment Leaves, Fall" set of 20 exquisite parchment leaves. These handcrafted treasures capture the essence of the season, offering a delightful array of fall foliage that will inspire your creativity and warm your heart. Each leaf within this set is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of nature itself. Delicately rendered in parchment, these leaves boast intricate detail, showcasing the beauty of autumn with its vibrant colors and graceful forms. The set includes a diverse selection of leaves, each thoughtfully designed to reflect the unique character of the fall season. Infused with the warm and cozy ambiance of fall, this set of parchment leaves brings the outdoors indoors, inviting you to celebrate the season's splendor within your artistic endeavors. With their captivating textures and rich, earthy hues, these leaves are perfect for conjuring autumn nostalgia in your creative tablespaces.

Use the serving papers on platters or tables. Scatter, overlap, or use individually.

Package of 20 
Package is 8.50 x 7.75
Food Safe

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