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a close up of the Garden Aluminum 58 oz Scoop
close up of the Garden Aluminum 58 oz scoop
another view of the 58 oz Garden Aluminum Scoop
a picture of the Garden Aluminum Scoop packaged for gift-giving. enclosed in a cellophane bag tied with a satin black ribbon.
A picture showing the handle grip on the 58oz Garden Aluminum Scoop.
Sticker on the scoop

One-Piece Aluminum Scoop Garden Tool - 58 ounce

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Over the years, this scoop has become one of my most useful garden tools.  It quickly scoops bulk ingredients such as fertilizer and potting mixture, mulch, and birdseed with this 58-ounce one-piece aluminum scoop! This scoop features a 58-ounce capacity, which allows you to maneuver precise amounts of product at once for quick and easy planting preparation, with much less spilling.  It has a sleek, professional look and feel, making it the perfect addition to any gardener's arsenal of tools.

Thanks to its sturdy, one-piece aluminum construction, this scoop is a durable alternative to plastic scoops prone to breakage. Plus, it doesn't have seams or rivets, helping to promote easy, thorough cleaning. The handle features curved finger indentations for a secure, comfortable grip, while the capacity is stamped into the handle for easy identification and measuring. 

My advice in taking care of this garden tool is that handwashing is always the best option to ensure that your aluminum stays in the best working order. If you are going to use any soap on it, use a metal-safe detergent.  I personally have never used anything but some water and dried it thoroughly. It does show some discoloration, but it does not impair its ability to do the job.

The scoop is wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a black satin ribbon, ready for gift-giving. Any gardener or birding person will love receiving this thoughtful gift.

Capacity - 58 ounce
Color - Silver 
Material - Aluminum
Hand wash and dry