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A Moisture Meter An Essential Garden Tool

A Moisture Meter An Essential Garden Tool

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I consider the Moisture Meter an essential garden tool. I have had one for about 30 years, and it is still functioning perfectly. I love that these require no batteries. I have put a mark on my meter's probe at one inch mark to be accurate in measuring some of my plants at the one-inch depth. This Moisture Meter comes with much more information on the back than my original one did. This Meter has a chart on the back of the package giving you information for several popular plants on how your moisture level for that plant should  read. I find this very helpful. 

This one-piece meter needs no batteries. Gives instant reading of moisture level. Simply insert the probe into a potted plant (indoors or out) or directly into the soil--ideal for areas plagued by drought conditions or for those of us that are enthusiastic about indoor gardening and those new to gardening indoors or outdoors. 

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