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Faux Artichokes - Green and Large

Faux Artichokes - Green and Large

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The artichoke is the bud of a thistle—a flower. The leaves ("bracts") cover a fuzzy center called the "choke," which sits on top of a meaty core called the "heart."

The heart is entirely edible (and amazingly delicious). The fuzzy choke is too fibrous to eat in regular artichokes but edible in baby artichokes. Unfortunately, all but the innermost leaves are tough; you must scrape them with your teeth to eat the tender parts.

This detailed description of the artichoke may make you think it would not be beautiful. However, these faux artichokes are beautiful and have a natural appearance, are suitable for the kitchen, dining room, and living room, and are perfect for creating a tablescape. By just placing them in a wooden bowl, you have created a lasting accent for your home for everyone to enjoy. 

I can imagine that if you didn't grow up eating artichokes and if you were encountering them for the first time, they might seem a little intimidating! But not to worry, these are for decorations only, even though people will think they are real and look forward to eating them.

Try combing several sizes to make your arrangement look even more realistic, or place one in an urn for a striking impact.

Item Dims 6 Dia.
Major Materials: Polyester

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