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A picture of the Elizabeth in grey with a saucer
A collection of all the sizes of the Elizabeth planter in grey. each shown with a different plant.
a close up picture of the small Elizabeth planter in grey with a small big leaf plant.
Showing the Elizabeth in the natural color Rosa.
The small Elizabeth pot shown in the natural color Rosa with a small fern growing in it.
The Elizabeth shown in the natural color  Rosa.

Elizabeth " The Queen" Indoor - Outdoor Planter

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The Queen

Elizabeth: A queen of grace and glory! And yet, this regal woman has also stood fast against storms after more than half a century on the throne. Like the queen, this pot is durable and adorned with elegant Gothic arches that decorate its sides and form a bold crown when the pot is turned on its head.  Elizabeth was made as a  tribute to all women, everyday queens who sail into headwinds with pride, grace, and strength.

A set consists of one pot and one saucer.
- Galestro terracotta clay
- Indoor - outdoor planter 
- Winter care: For best longevity, empty and place upside down on boards or pot feet during the winter months.
- Please note: each pot or saucer is hand-finished; you should expect to find some variation in color and texture; due to the porous quality of natural clay, items will change color or patina over time from exposure to water, handling, and salts found in soil. In addition, items may arrive with some handling marks; a vinegar solution can be used to return your item to its original finish after handling.
- Drainage hole included
- Handmade in Italy in Grey and Rosa 
Extra Large