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A photo of 3 Grey Copenhagen Pots in 3 different sizes  with a small plant in one.
Six Copenhagen Pots lined up on a window ledge in Grey.
a picture of a green house showing many sizes and colors or the Copenhagen Pot.
A picture of a Copenhagen pot in the rosa color snuggled in a green plant.
A photograph showing Rosa Copenhagen pots in several different sizes surround by green plants.
a picture of the Copenhagen pot with a small jade plant in it.

Copenhagen Pot - Indoor - Outdoor Planter

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The Castle Pot

Berg Potter calls this the Castle Pot because it was inspired by a one made at the royal castle of Fredensborg in 1860. Over time, production moved to smaller potters in Copenhagen, where they made them until plastic pots grew in popularity in the 1960s. Steffen Berg found his inspiration in a beautiful pot he saw years ago in a former nursery. Today, our potters make the pot in a small village near Lucca in Tuscan.  Hand-crafted in Italy, Bergs planters capture the simple beauty of Danish design, drawing inspiration from time-tested antique styles. This scallop-edged mimics a famous nineteenth-century style made in the Italian town of Di Bolzena. Every pot and saucer is made from the best quality Italian terracotta clay, high-fired for frost resistance and indoor-outdoor planter durability. The terracotta will develop a weathered patina; you may polish your planters with a mild vinegar solution and a soft cloth to restore a spotless appearance.

A set consists of one pot and one saucer.
- Galestro terracotta clay
- Indoor - outdoor planter 
- Winter care: For best longevity, empty and place upside down on boards or pot feet during the winter months.
-The Rose pot is taller than the other styles, It has a tall and slender look.
Please note: each pot or saucer is hand-finished; you should expect to find some variation in color and texture; due to the porous quality of natural clay, items will change color or patina over time from exposure to water, handling, and salts found in soil. In addition, items may arrive with some handling marks; a vinegar solution can be used to return your item to its original finish after handling.
- Drainage hole included
- Handmade in Italy