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A photograph of a white Bug Bite Thing. It has the name written in green and black on a white body.
A photograph a black Bug Bite Thing. I has grey and white letting on the black body.
Photographs of  before and after use of the Bug Bite Thing. In the before picture the child has many bug bites that have products red welts and the after picture show that after using the Bug Bite Thing it has eliminated  the red welts.
Bug Bite Thing - A Fantastic Invention

Bug Bite Thing - A Fantastic Invention

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What is the Bug Bite Thing? A fantastic invention! If you are sensitive to bug bites, then this is something that you will need to invest in for summer relief. I have severe reactions to mosquitoes, and I found this tool to help eliminate the red welts and the itching. I carry one in my purse and car during the summer season. 
They come in white, black and now pink!

Please take a minute to watch the video and see how it works.