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A picture of the cover of the Southern indoor/outdoor living garden book by James Farmer lll.
A larger picture of the book Time To Plant.

A Time To Plant -A Beautiful Southern-Style Garden Book

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Captures Southern indoor/outdoor living traditions for a new generation . . .

A vital young voice in the gardening scene teaches a new generation of Southerners to love gardening and make it a focal point of their lifestyle. James Farmer III teaches respect for the age-old rules of flower and vegetable gardening in the Deep South (e.g., plant in spring for fall blooms, plant in fall for spring blooms), in a fresh voice that resonates love of life entertaining at home. Also included are delicious recipes for seasonal meals and suggestions for floral arrangements and centerpieces from the garden. This garden book has beautiful pictures and wonderful information, make a great coffee table book too.

About the author,
James T. Farmer III is the author of A Time to Plant. His company, James Farmer Designs, specializes in landscape and interior design. In addition, James is a proponent of garden living and entertaining, or weaving the bounties of the garden into your daily life. Find him at www.James.Farmer.com. He lives in Kathleen, Georgia.

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