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Natural Birch Extra Wide Seed Labels

Natural Birch Extra Wide Seed Labels

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Extra-wide Seed Labels are not just more comprehensive—they're extra-wide!

This means you can write larger, making them a breeze to read without bending over. These compostable markers are a game-changer, saving you the job of sifting out the dreaded plastic labels from previous years' horticulture. Each bundle comes with 20 of these life-savers.

 Introducing Natural Birch Extra Wide Seed Label Sticks!

Are you tired of straining your eyes or bending over to read tiny labels in your garden? Say goodbye to the hassle with our Extra Wide Seed Label Sticks! Crafted from natural birch and proudly made in England, these wide sticks provide ample space for more extensive, easy-to-read writing, ensuring you never miss details about your precious plants.

But that's not all - we're not just about convenience; we're about sustainability, too! Our compostable markers are a step towards reducing plastic waste in horticulture. No more of last year's plastic labels clutter your garden beds. With our eco-friendly label sticks, you can nurture your plants while caring for the environment.

Each bundle includes 20 labels, giving you plenty to organize your garden or greenhouse easily. Upgrade your gardening experience today with Natural Birch Extra Wide Seed Label Sticks, and watch your garden flourish!

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