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Orchid Care Essential Kit

Orchid Care Essential Kit

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Elevate your Orchid gardening game with the Orchid Essential Kit 
 by We the Wild! 

Give your beloved orchids the royal treatment they deserve with our Orchid Essential Kit by We the Wild. This specially curated kit is designed to nurture and enhance orchids' natural beauty and offers unique benefits that set it apart from other products. 

What's Inside the Kit:

1 Bloom Concentrate: Full of microbes to promote vigorous growth and more blooms.
2-Protect Spray:  developed for specific issues that Orchids struggle with. This powerful combination of  Neem Oil with added geraniol is an Orchid's best friend.

How to use the products:

Step 1: Bloom Concentrate:
Use every time you water by adding ¼ tsp per quart (32 fl oz) of water.
How it works:  It's as easy as using the Bloom Concentrate with every watering for fast growth and more blooms.

Step 2: Protect Spray:
Shake well and mist your leaves every two weeks or more often if there's an active issue. Spray with Protect when plants need extra love, or spray every other week to prevent many problems.

The Orchid Essential Kit for Plants by We the Wild was designed to simplify your orchid care routine with better success.

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