Carruth Outdoor Inspiration

Carruth sculptures outdoor wall on back patio

I started with one little Carruth sculpture 30 years ago and this is where it has taken me. My collection grew one piece at a time; each new find was more endearing than the last. The animals, birds and insects seemed right at home in my backyard.  As you can see, I not only collect Carruth sculptures but many other architectural items that I find in my travels. I enjoy finding old and unusual pieces and repurposing them to bring life to my garden.  The iron grate hanging on the wall was a time-ravaged mess when I found it. I had it sandblasted and then powder-coated black to help it survive all the elements and now it’s a focal point on the hardscape.  Or the little bird feeder that I sprayed black – it’s a darling place to put a candle on a summer evening. 

Then I discovered George Carruth’s faces, and it was love at first sight. Each face tells a story with its unique expression of joy, reflection, or mirth or even irritation. I guess they just make me happy, when I see them hanging on my patio walls like an old friend, each with their own personality. I organized the faces on two walls that you see as you walk out to our pool and seating areas so they are the first thing you see as you walk out the back doors. It definitely makes for a conversation starter. As time has gone by I have added the Large Garden Smile to my front porch just above the doorbell so that his welcoming face and smile would be there to greet anyone who came to our home. What is so great about having these pieces on the wall it that it adds structure, texture, and interest during the winter months when our pool is closed and my flowers and herbs are dead and gone.

Whimsy, art and architecture pieces are everywhere you look and you just have to tap into your interest and start collecting and displaying what you enjoy looking at and what makes you smile and feel happy. I hope you enjoying seeing how I have incorporated these things into my daily life and hopefully this will inspire you to do more.

Happy Collecting,

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