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A picture of the wildflower seed kit. It comes in a small metal tin with a lovely label with some wildflowers on it.
a picture of wildflowers grown from the wildflower seed kit.
A picture of orange poppies .

Garden Sprinkles Wildflowers Seed Kit

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This magnificent seed kit with a mix of 15 of Nature's most beautiful wildflowers seeds contains a splendid variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. The flowers will make wonderful cut flowers for any floral arrangement. Includes 15 varieties of seed, reusable, recycled US steel tin, directions. Tin 2" diam.

The best time to plant your seed kit in your area depends on the climate and rainfall patterns. In cool climates, plant in spring, early summer, or late fall. Fall plantings should be late enough so that seeds do not germinate until spring.

In mild climates, plant during the cooler months of the year, fall through spring, for best results. Fall plantings before periods of rainfall will ensure an early display of flowers the following spring.

Select a sunny, well-drained area. Rake soil to form a clean, loose seedbed. Scatter seed mix evenly over the area to be planted, rake the area gently and lightly pack the soil. Water, if needed, to keep the soil moist in spring or summer until germination occurs, then water as needed. Germination will begin within 7–21 days when the soil temperature is 65oF (18oC) or warmer. Annual flowers will begin to bloom within 6–8 weeks after germinating. Perennials will produce foliage the first year and bloom the following years.

Flowers. Purple Coneflower, Echinacea purpurea | Prairie Coneflower, Ratibida columnifera | Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, Coreopsis lanceolata | Plains coreopsis, Coreopsis tinctoria | Blue Flax, Linum perenne | Corn Poppy, Papaver rhoeas Scarlet Flax, Linum grandiflorum rubrum | Black-Eyed Susan, Rudbeckia hirta | Baby,s Breath, Gypsophila elegans | Mexican Hat, Ratibida columnaris | Dame,s Rocket, Hesperis matronalis | Wallflower, Cheiranthus allionii | Dwarf Evening Primrose, Oenothera missouriensis | Perennial Lupine, Lupinus perennis | Perennial Gaillardia, Gaillardia aristata.

Zones. 4–9 | seed. 13 g | coverage. 125 sq. ft.