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Striped Bass Fish Platter

Striped Bass Fish Platter

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I understand that Striped Bass fishing is incredibly popular, some of the most popular methods are fly fishing, trolling, fishing from shore, and night fishing for striped bass. Which of these forms of striper fishing will be most effective depends upon several variables, ranging from the striped bass season in your neck of the woods. A few of the tips shared by experienced anglers are that stripers living in brackish or saltwater can be very sensitive to the tides and currents. How they react to these factors changes from place to place and season to season, but it’s essential always to be aware of these variables. While baitfish are their primary forage, stripers are opportunistic predators, and you never know what they’ll attack – if you want to be a successful striper angler, keep an open mind and be willing to experiment as you learn more and more about what the striped bass prefers.

Size: 14.5 x 9.625 x1.5 Glazed Creamware

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