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A picture of the Rain Mat package showing the benefits of the product.
a picture showing how to place the rainmat in the bottom of the planter before planting your plant.
showing the rainmat in a planter before planting.

Rain Mats - A New Garden Tool For Water retention

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Each pack contains 4 mats that are 7" square

A new garden tool to help water retention.
Water Absorbing Granules and Mats for Planters
Granules, Prepacked Mats and Rolls from England

They hold moisture in the soil of hanging baskets and containers, so plants do not dry out as quickly, improving displays and growth even in dry conditions.
Adds Potassium - Not Sodium

Another advantage of Rain-Gel and Rain-Mats is that they slowly release small traces of potassium, unlike other products that release sodium (salt) which can adversely affect some plants.

Place these mats down in the growing medium at root level as you plant each basket, hayrack, or planter. These mats soak up water as rapidly as Rain-Gel (granules)but provide a stable reservoir into which the roots will actually grow into. Prepackaged Rain-Mats are designed to take the guesswork out of how much material to use. They fit nicely into standard size hanging baskets. They can reduce the need for watering as often.