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10 inch Oversize Mercury Glass Acorn Ornament

Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments Acorn 10 inch

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Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments prized in the ’30s were often made of mercury or “silvered” glass. These oversized ornaments capture their sparkling style. Use these vintage oversized Acorn Glass Christmas Ornaments ornaments to add charm to your tree or tabletop. These heirloom Mercury Glass Acorn Ornaments are large and impactful, so they're great for filling a rustic dough bowl or a traditional crystal bowl and mixing with greenery for a grand centerpiece. Mercury glass ornaments twinkle on your tree when the lights hit them. Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments are a favorite tradition and become heirlooms because of a process that was invented a long ago.


 Our glass Christmas ornaments will make an excellent and charming gift!
• A must-buy item.
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The item shown is the Acorn is 10 inches - look for the 9 inches and  8 inches to add to your collection for your tree or tabletop.