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Man in the Moon Porcelain Night Light

Man in the Moon Porcelain Night Light

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During a full Moon, some of these patches combine to form what looks like a grinning human face, commonly known as the "Man in the Moon." The man's eyes are the Mare Imbrium and Mare Serenitatis, its nose is the Sinus Aestuum, and its grinning mouth is the Mare Nubium and Mare Cognitum. No matter what you think, it is a beautiful story and great fun to speculate about the Man in the Moon.

The Curved Panel Night Lights are our most popular item. The porcelain panel is gently curved, which allows it to wrap around the bulb, so the bulb is not as visible from the side, as it is with the flat night light. The curvature also illuminates the panel more evenly across its width. 

The night light is mounted on a durable night light socket with on-off rocker switch, our night lights are known for lasting many years. Energy efficient, (they use only 7 watts of power) they safely and effectively light up a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, Children's rooms or hallway at night. The soothing warm light they emit creates a peaceful and ethereal ambiance that is truly magical! We are sure you will find many that you or your loved ones will cherish! The non-porous porcelain is easily cleanable, and will never fade or discolor. The 120V 7W C-7 type bulb included, and they are nicely boxed with the history of the art of lithophanes included. 

4.50 x 4.00

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