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an image of the London Basket with a coco-fiber liner and it the hanging rods attached for hanging
The London Basket shown as a planter using a stand to hold it up.

London Basket 17 Inches Set Outdoor Planter

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These are the baskets that are used in Westminster and London England

London Baskets are flat bottomed, for easy plani\ting and growing on benches. Very High quality and built to last for years. This basket used RODS instead of chains and easy to attach and install. Heavy gauge steel wire and are hand-welded then coated in black plastic.

These come as a set. Includes the basket, rods for hanging, and coco-fiber liners, all you need to create a beautiful and colorful flower hanging flower basket as your new outdoor planter.


17" diameter basket 

9.25' deep basket 

20" long rods