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Handcrafted Mini Kew Pots filled with candles. three Black and Ivory Glaze Embossed with London's KEW Royal Botanical Garden's Official Seal

Handcrafted Pottery - KEW Mini Round Candles

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Each handcrafted pottery piece of the Botanical Collection is handmade with small variations in their naturally aged products are commonplace. We consider these variations to part of the charm and beauty of the product. This finely detailed, hand-crafted pottery is designed in association with the famous Kew - the Royal Botanic Gardens in London England, each pot bears the official seal of the Royal Botanic Gardens. With the purchase of these beautiful pots, funds have contributed to the Gardens and its important ongoing work.

2"x 2.5" candles, come in Ivory and  Blackberry. Tuck them in any small space. Make great hostess gifts, set them in your bathrooms, or decorate your mantle with them.