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I have placed the cement hurricane candle holder in with my mercury candle holders and it looks right at home. It has a filigree boarder around the base and it is finished in a aged blueish gray. Quite unusual and will make a lovely statement on your patio.l
The cement hurricane candle emits a soft glow through it's glass chimney.
This is a black and white picture of the hurricane cement candle holder. It shows the detail of the filigree around the base of the glass chimney.

Cement Hurricane Base Candle Holder

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This summer and spring, enjoy evenings out on your patio, dining by candlelit with candle holders that will withstand the wind. I live in Oklahoma, and believe me, I know about wind. This hurricane candle holder is made of cement and has an aged finish with a filigree trim around the base that adds a decorative element. I placed this one on my dining room table with my mercury glass candle holders, and it looks stunning with them. When you lite the candle, it casts a lovely warm glow. It will make an excellent addition to any tablescape, mantel, or table.

Cement Base candle holder with Glass
Dimensions 9"tall x 5.5 wide