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A picture of the garden in a bag package. It is brown paper with a white label with flowers on the label with the words MOM .
Showing the garden in a bag for MOM with the flowers growing out of the bag.

Garden-in-a-bag for Mom Seed Kit

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A new gift to give Mom for Mothers Day! One that will last for weeks and will keep producing dwarf zinnias flowers. This seed kit is easy to grow beautiful plants with multi-petaled flowers that bloom in a variety of bold colors.

A growing expression of best wishes to Mom. Zinnias have a long blooming season from spring through autumn. To encourage more blossoms, pinch off old blooms. Includes seed, growing medium, coconut husks for drainage,

Directions—bag 7" high x 6" wide. How to grow. 1. Cut to open Garden-in-a-bag™ and remove the enclosed packets of soil and seed, leaving coco chips in the bottom for drainage. 2. Open the soil bag and fill it with enough water to meet the soil line. Seal soil bag and work water into soil with hands. Over the sink, poke holes in the base of the bag and let water drain from the bag, squeeze out as much as possible. 3. Pour moistened soil into the bag and level. 4. Open seed packet and sprinkle seed evenly over top of the soil—lightly cover the seed with soil. 5. Place a plastic bag loosely over the top of the bag and set it in a warm area (75-80ºF / 24-27ºC) out of direct sunlight until the seeds sprout. 6. When seeds sprout (7-14 days), remove plastic bag and place in a brightly lit location. 7. Do not let the soil dry out. Water so the soil is the consistency of a damp sponge. 8. Fertilize 3-4 weeks after the seed has sprouted.