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Flyaway Sticks
Flyaway Sticks

Flyaway Sticks

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At your outdoor dinner parties and afternoon barbecues, repel unwanted guests with these delightfully citrusy sticks, stored in gift-worthy, hand-stamped, eco-friendly paper packaging. Made with non-toxic orange oil, they naturally keep bugs at bay without harming local populations of bees.  

These wood sticks are hand-dipped in small batches in Madison James refined blend of Lime, cedar and other essential oils and natural ingredients.  The production process ensures every stick smells wonderful and remains highly effective for up to 4 hours each.  They are packaged in re-purposed farm feed bags that are sewn for them by Kentucky Amish.  Store your sticks in this bag to protect other surfaces from the essential oils

 - Wood, orange oil

- Set of 31 sticks

- Repel bugs for up to four hours


- 19”L