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White Micro LED Light String with Timer

10 Ft. Cool White Micro LED Light String Battery / with Timer

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10ft Outdoor Battery Operated Micro LED Light String with 60 Cool White Micro LED Lights. Silver Wire, 2in Bulb Spacing. 12in lead wire connected to 3 AA Multifunction Battery Box (batteries not included). Timer Feature Included (6 Hrs On, 18 Hrs Off).

Weave and tuck these into your tabletop decorations, use them in your carved pumpkins for Halloween, decorate a small Christmas tree indoors or outdoors. Put them in a vase or lantern for ambient lighting on your patio. So many uses it's hard to imagine. 

Halloween involves costumes, monsters, scary movies, caramel apples, witches, pumpkins, tricks, treats and a whole bunch of other traditions.

But why did we start celebrating it in the first place, and how did it turn into the occasion we know today?

Halloween is a descendant of the Celtic festival of Samhain, a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, or the darker half of the year. As the nights grew longer, it was believed that the barrier between our world and the spirit realm began to thin, allowing some passage between the two.  During the Samhain celebration, the Celts would light great bonfires and pound on drums to guide visitors from the underworld, while wearing costumes to ward off malevolent spirits.

But today it has transitioned:  Halloween grew into the massive commercial event we see today – an estimated $6 billion is spent on it each year. However, many modern Halloween activities are still rooted in old traditions. For example, pumpkin carving began in America but has Celtic roots. During Samhain celebrations, children would make lanterns out of turnips. When the Irish arrived in America, there were no turnips to be found, so they made do with pumpkins, and this ritual has since been fed back to the UK. Drawing from different traditions from various countries across hundreds of years, Halloween really is a night in which things rise up from the past to mingle with the present.

However, for me it’s picking the perfect pumpkins and the joy and excitement of the children in their costumes running from house to house to announce trick- or - treat and of course eating the candy!