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Zwilling Sorrento Double Walle 14 oz Beer Glass shown with a full glass of beer with a good foam head on it
An image of the Zwilling Sorrento Double Walled  14 oz Beer Glass. It is empty showing the double walled construction

Zwilling Sorrento Double Walled 14 oz Beer Glass

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Two (2) 14 oz Beer Glasses in a boxed set:

Sorrento Bar glasses maintain their drink’s ideal temperature.
Serve up your drinks with style and substance in ZWILLING® Sorrento Bar glassware. Created by the renowned Italian designer Matteo Thun, this unique glassware offers a visually impressive way to serve your favorite beverage.
Each glass has been designed to ensure the optimal temperature of your drink of choice. Enjoy refreshing pilsners, crisp Sauvignon Blancs, and luscious Syrahs. Whether you take your whiskey neat or on the rocks, cocktail connoisseurs appreciate how the Sorrento Bar glassware maintains their drink’s ideal temperature.
Constructed from high-quality, sturdy borosilicate glass, the double-wall glasses are exceptionally durable. They are dishwasher safe, lightweight yet durable, making them perfect for outdoor dining, dinner parties, and everyday use.
Mouth-blown by skilled artisans, every glass in this chic collection is unique. Equally practical and polished, the Sorrento Bar collection is bound to become your go-to glassware for alcoholic beverages.

I usually can't drink a whole beer before it gets hot; however, I can drink to the last cold drop with these double-walled beer glasses.