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Orange Slice Die Cut Paper Placemats

Orange Slice Die Cut Paper Placemats

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Summer is coming, and while this season may look different from years past, the love of grilling on the patio is still strong. Before you fire up the grill, let's plan a theme and a tablescape worthy of all your efforts using Orange Slice Paper Placemats Disposable.

With summer comes endless opportunities for entertaining family and friends, whether it's an alfresco get-together or a long-awaited picnic. It's the chance to get creative with your decor choices, especially summer party decorations.  Stick to a  color palette, and keep linens and flowers simple and straightforward, and you can't go wrong.

ORANGE-THEMED  Try a refreshing Orange theme for your next get-together.

Summer is all about fruit. When entertaining summer events, I love to incorporate seasonal produce like cherries, watermelon, or slices of citrus, into my summer table settings. "Along with having the real thing on hand for snacking and decor, you can top cupcakes with candied fruit, fill bowls with the fresh stuff as a centerpiece, and using these realistic orange slice paper placemats and orange framed  ​place cards​, brings it all to life. 

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